What is the connection between your fingerprint and your voice?

The Connection is they are both unique. As we know, you are what makes your business unique, but so many people try to imitate or put on a voice because they lack confidence in how they sound or think it makes them sound authoritative. Sadly, more often than not, it makes their voice monotone, de-energised and can put their audience to sleep. This is not conducive to getting your message across. If you have actually damaged your vocal folds, then seeking medical advice is vital, however if your voice is weak, “creaky” or tired from overuse or misuse, for instance through shouting or lack of projection, this can be eased and avoided all together. There is a whole magnificent support system we have built into us, that protects the voice and makes safe voice production one of the biggest aids to sounding and feeling confident. You can also rest assured that you are not putting your audience to sleep!