Education and Work

Presentations have become an almost daily occurrence in most businesses and many will do anything they can to avoid being the one who stands up to present. People can be experts in their field but feel they are just not getting their message across. Through confidential 121 sessions. we can discuss where the lack of confidence comes from and work on techniques to build voice and presentation skills, to help you feel more confident when you have to do your next presentation.

Universities and the world of work are looking for soft skills that most schools can no longer teach due to time restraints, especially with the arts being limited or taking a back seat compared to the core subjects in their curriculum. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and well with other people. They can make all the difference to having successful interviews and a fulfilling work life.

Are you apprehensive about an up coming interview? Do you feel nauseous and filled with anxiety being faced with an interview panel? You may be a student or in work, but presentations can be the bane of many people’s lives. Some people go to great lengths to avoid being the one to speak out, either to one person or to a room full of people. Are you someone who knows their subject inside out but finds it hard to communicate your message in layman’s terms? A lack of confidence can hold you back from getting your ideas heard, a high mark in an oral presentation or gaining a promotion at work.