“From our first 121 I could tell Lisa understood me, would develop my personal strengths and help me conquer those fears which have stopped me reaching some personal goals. Her warm friendly approach builds trust from the outset, allowing you to fully explore your potential and face your fears with professional support and advice. Highly recommended for those wanting to develop a better you.” – Daren Elsley – The Buzz Agency

“My coaching session was incredibly helpful as it increased my confidence a lot in interview situations, where I tend to struggle.  The sessions made me feel a lot more confident in myself and prepared for all aspects of interviews. Once I applied the techniques at my next interview, I was successful and feel that this was due to Lisa’s coaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels that they need help in the same or similar types of circumstance. Thank you so much.”– NP

“Lisa has made me a more confidant person and performer since our first meeting eight years ago. Lisa’s lessons have given me the tools to become an improved singer and performer as she tailored them to fit my needs and vocal ability. Her lessons have also instilled a new-found confidence in myself due to her recognition of what I could become with her help, which no one had recognised before. The reason why I have kept going back to Lisa for support for eight years is because her methods as a singing teacher and confidence coach work, and I would not have received the level of care and attention from another teacher. I highly recommend Lisa. “ – AS

 “My goal was to gain confidence in singing and in public speaking, and Lisa supported me in achieving this. Lisa taught me some fantastic skills which after practicing with Lisa during the lesson, I found to be essential in helping me project my voice with confidence. During the lesson, Lisa was patient, understanding and considerate, and she put me at ease straight away. Lisa’s coaching was methodical and supportive, and by the end of the session, I felt able to speak with confidence in social gatherings without straining my voice or feeling self-conscious. I’m really grateful to Lisa for the memorable lessons where I learnt so much. Thank you.” – PM

“Thank you so much Lisa! I’m totally blown away by my daughter’s confidence. One of the staff members told me as I was leaving today that she was in tears listening to my daughter’s performance! You make it such fun. You have been such and incredibly inspiring teacher to my daughter. Your enthusiasm and passion filters through to your students and I have seen my daughter’s confidence grow and her voice develop in such a short space of time. Thank you Lisa .”– SB

“I was constantly having to repeat myself because people said they couldn’t hear me but Lisa has made a huge difference to my confidence and vocal quality. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little confidence boost or is having to face new challenges such as interviews, best man speech etc… It was fun too, thanks Lisa.” – LD

“I came to you as a singer and front man of a local band in my home town, who needed help in building my confidence in being able to look and talk to my audiences. After just one session I was able to take away a renewed confidence that not only helped me interact with the audiences at our gigs but also I was able to utilise the skills you gave me to successfully interview for a new job after being in my previous company for over 20 years! Many thanks again.” – PC

“Lisa worked with me to improve my confidence and stagecraft when I perform stand up comedy. I really enjoyed working with her and the impact of her advice and help was immediate and significant. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more capable under pressure.” – SD

“It was truly emotional seeing the girls stand up with such confidence and sing with such commitment. You really should be super proud of your efforts! Personally, I wanted to thank you … I was astounded this morning – not more than nine months my daughter struggled to find a note, and when I saw her stand and confidently sing so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!! If that standard can be achieved in nine months, I cannot wait for next year already. What a star you are!” – HJ

“Thank you for helping my daughters to develop their singing and performance techniques in the way you have. I quite simply wasn’t expecting to witness such amazing singing and performances. You are fantastic. My daughter loves her singing lessons and is excited to do her LAMDA exams with your coaching. Highly Recommend!” – AO

“Having such an encouraging teacher has such a big impact” – VS