Singing Lessons, Drama Lessons and Auditions

Confidence and strong voice production can help in almost every stage of life. Whether you are a working actor, singer or keen amateur, a lack of confidence can hold you back from using your voice effectively. Whatever age you are, a lack of confidence can stifle your creativity. If performing is something you are passionate about, then learning good voice production and acting skills is vital to build confidence and success throughout your career.

Generally, we are born with a strong voice and filled with confidence, but something, or someone affects us, our stress levels rise and our confidence slips away. Communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is something we use every day. It is a skill we use throughout our lives. Good voice production is fundamental to every aspect of communication and vital to protecting and projecting our voices. We tend to develop bad habits over the years, and this alone can affect our confidence.

I can give lessons in audition preparation, performance and singing technique whether you are a beginner or a professional actor or singer. If you are a singer songwriter, you can come to our recording studio and create a demo reel with a professional sound engineer.