I had the confidence knocked out of me at my primary school. It was in the days before dyslexia was recognised. As I struggled with academia, I compensated by becoming the class clown. This was not because I oozed confidence, but it was my way of fitting in and hiding how unhappy I was. I lacked self esteem and confidence. In secondary school they realised I had dyslexia, and knowing that helped with my school work, but it didn’t stop the feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence.

From a very early age, the one area in which I felt confident, was acting and singing. My insecurities would disappear when I could hide behind a character. Believe it or not, most actors are deeply insecure and can only feel confident when they are “hiding”.

After school I trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and was a professional actress for many years until I started a family. During this time, without the boost I got from acting, my lack of confidence raised its ugly head and made me doubt myself again.

Having gone through massive life changes, I grew to understand how to become more confident in my own skin, accept myself as I am and not hide anymore.

I have developed skills and strategies that I would like to share with others who feel they lack confidence and are looking for some help.

I’m not a speech therapist, counsellor or medical professional and nothing I say or do should replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

If I don’t think I can help you I will recommend you speak to a speech therapist, counsellor or doctor as appropriate.

I know that the techniques that I have learnt and used myself can be wonderfully empowering and I am excited that you are interested enough to have read this far! Why don’t you give me a call and we can see if my approach will suit you.