Can you really coach someone to feel confident?

I have just had a wonderful holiday. While I’ve been away, I have had some interesting questions asked. Can you really coach someone to feel confident? Confidence isn’t an emotion, is it?

Can you coach some to feel happiness? Can you coach someone to feel excitement? I believe you can use techniques that help you feel happier, to feel more excitement and to feel more confident. I believe you can coach someone to feel more confident because I believe confidence is an emotion, a feeling.

Travelling and arrangements are one of the areas where I can lack confidence or undermines my confidence. I’ve mentioned before that I think this comes from undiagnosed dyslexia as a child. Times, structure and clear arrangements help me feel confident. On this occasion my marvellous partner had all the arrangements sorted. He understands my need to be everywhere early, and to be told several times when the plane leaves, or how long the journey should take. He helps me build my confidence by giving me the details repeatedly! The man is a saint! He understands the techniques I need to help me build my confidence. He naturally coaches me. He has the skill to treat me like an individual and understands my needs are different to others in his life.

That’s how I work; one to one, confidentially, listening carefully to my clients, to really understand where they feel they lack confidence. We are all unique and no one persons insecurities are the same as another. So yes, you really can coach someone to feel confident.