“Wild Girl”

I watched Helen Skelton being interviewed about her new book “Wild Girl: How to have incredible outdoor adventures” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw0oClsb0AA

In the interview I got quite emotional when I heard her say;

 “One of the things that made me write that (Wild Girl), was I was with my son in Blackpool and we saw a little girl on a slide and he went “Oh she’s on her own, why’s she not with her mummy” and I said “Oh she’s very brave” and my son went “Oh like you mummy” That’s the best thing anyone’s said to me”

I thought how wonderful for your children to think of you as brave. This book is about not being afraid to try new things, but for some to be brave you don’t have to take on feats of endurance, just stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something for the first time, can be enough. Most of us lack confidence in a variety of different situations, fear and anxiety can stop us in our tracks. But often asking for help can be the first step.

Walker books description http://www.walker.co.uk/Wild-Girl-How-to-Have-Incredible-Outdoor-Adventures-9781406387643.aspx “From kayaking the length of the Amazon to cycling to the South Pole and running an ultra-marathon across the Namib desert, the Blue Peter and Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton has taken on record-breaking feats of endurance and shown that adventures definitely are for girls. Helen shares six stories of her most daring adventures across some of the world’s most extreme wildernesses, explaining how she embraced her fears and found the positives in the toughest situations. Alongside her inspirational tales are ideas for where readers can find their own wild adventures closer to home and accounts of the real-life wild girls who inspire her.”