And Breathe……

Breathing is something we do every day. Obviously, it underpins everything we do. We’ve done it since we were born, and it comes naturally…we don’t have to think about it. That is until we think about it! Or when we are stressed, or anxious or panicking. It’s a hugely important part of mindfulness, but also vital for good voice production. Diaphragmatic breathing technique is used in singing but is also fundamental in calm and clear voice production, especially when all eyes are on you.  Simply put, to take a deep low breath, which will help with any kind of anxiety you might be feeling, put your hand on your belly. Imagine you’ve got a balloon in your stomach, obviously don’t swallow a balloon, but imagine you’ve got one there and you’re going to fill it up with air as you breath in. When someone says take a deep breath in, the temptation is to lift your shoulders up. All this does is to cause tension across your shoulders! The movement is down low, so breath in, your stomach expands out, blow out and that imaginary balloon goes down and your stomach goes back in. So, do it again, imagine you’ve got that balloon, you’re filling it up with air and blow out. Just focusing yourself on your breathing will bring those anxiety levels down, but it will also prepare you for speaking on Zoom or any of these great pieces of technology we have at the moment to keep us communicating. So, keep in touch with people, but just take that nice deep low breath to keep you calm. Take care.

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